Build a Better Relationship With Your Furry Friend

Hire a professional dog trainer in Bloomfield or Bloomington, IN

Imagine being able to take your furry companion anywhere you go without having to worry about barking or leash pulling. If your dog is acting up or having behavioral issues, just call Jolly Dogs. We provide exceptional dog training services in Bloomfield and Bloomington, IN. We teach everything from basic leash training to emotional support animal training. You can trust our professional dog trainers to treat your pup like their own.

Schedule dog training services with us today. Call 812-699-9219 to get started.

Discover all the ways we can help your furry friend in Bloomfield or Bloomington, IN

We know that your dog isn't just a pet. They're part of your family, too. We provide a wide range of services, including:

Basic leash training
Dog boarding
Detection training
Behavioral training
Emotional support training
Custom training
Puppy socialization training
Tracking training

Our basic leash training and dog boarding services are $25 per day. You can trust us to get your dog feeling more confident, happy and obedient. Make an appointment with our dog trainer today.

Enjoy a well-behaved pet

We take pride in our dog training expertise and always strive to provide outstanding customer service. Our clients have made us their go-to dog trainers because:

We treat each dog that comes our way with love and respect
We're fully licensed and insured
We're certified through several organizations
Our facilities are safe and climate-controlled